“Cathy is that rare breed of healer that mixes pure science with intuition. I had severe back problems and over the course of 3 months she balanced and adjusted my internal system. The effect was a significant reduction in pain and improved my quality of life. I highly recommend working with her.”

  • Sean Mahon, NYC


I had some Theta sessions with Cathy.  Some face-to-face and some by Skype.  I am really glad I did.  I felt the sessions got to my limiting beliefs really quickly and cleared them.  It helped me uncover beliefs that were holding me back.  Both the Skype and distance sessions and the face-to-face were powerful and really healing. I really recommend Theta healing sessions with Cathy.

  • Emma, France


My first scanning session with Cathy was a pleasant surprise. I took the remedies as she directed, and what a difference! My sugar and starch cravings went away, and I felt more balanced physically and  emotionally. Back and neck pain that I’ve experienced for years diminished significantly. Cathy is kind, understanding and opens a candid, respectful conversation about physical issues and emotional causes. I highly recommend her and the NES process.”

  • Sandy Smith, PA


“I met Cathy in December of 2015. I had been ill for two years and was suffering from gastro issues, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, brain fog, and skin conditions. I had undergone extensive medical tests with doctors unable to provide any conclusive diagnosis. 

Cathy immediately treated me using a MI Heath scan and infoceuticals. I couldn’t believe how energized and relaxed I felt. I then immersed myself in NES Health travelling to New York and was scanned weekly over a period of 6 weeks and using the drops as needed. 

I could genuinely feel a lift in my condition and noticed that my body was starting to recover slowly. The results were amazing! My skin cleared up, I had a lot more energy, my gastro systems relaxed, clarity in my thinking, and felt calmer and happier in myself.

Cathy’s natural gift of healing is reflected in the treatment. Her medical knowledge is reassuring and her warm wonderful nature is definitely a tonic. Her enthusiasm and passion to aid wellness together with the NES system is extremely beneficial.”

  • Kamel Thakarar, London


"I had a great Theta session with Cathy. She has helped me to release limited beliefs that were holding me back from my own true happiness which had affected my family as well. She was very patient and truly wanted to help me. I defiantly recommend her, she is sweet, kind, patient and very knowledgeable. "

  • Tina T, LA


“For 20+ years I have had fibromyalgia among other health issues and decided it was time to find a way to improve my health. Receiving another prescription drug from my doctor was not an option. Cathy explained how NES works and offered suggestions on my diet, a book recommendation, and a CD to help me relax. I felt so comfortable discussing my health with her. Within days of treatment I saw a difference in my energy, I was sleeping better, and my stomach problems improved! Within weeks I had such an improvement in my overall health. I am so grateful for Cathy and the NES Provision System. She is a blessing to my health and my life!”

  • C. Rice, PA


“I’ll admit I was skeptical and had the NES scan out of curiosity. To my surprise, the accuracy of Cathy’s interpretation blew me away. I have been on the NES protocol for 3 weeks and have been so impressed with the immediate results that I have signed up to take the NES training to become a practitioner.”

  • Aida Bennett, M.D, NYC


“The aches and pains which I thought were apart of ‘old age’ are all disappearing. The urinary frequency that caused me to get up 2 to 3 times a night is almost completely resolved, allowing me to sleep through the night. I can’t believe how quickly things changed and how much better I feel since I started taking these simple NES drops. “ 

  • M.H, Ireland


Thanks to Cathy I’m feeling so much better. The hot flashes I would have 3 to 4 times a day are completely gone and the quality of my sleep is so much better. Best of all, one of my blood pressure medications (Anapril) was discontinued 4 weeks into taking the NES remedies. My M.D is surprised and pleased with the changes that are happening.”

  • Marina Sandoval, NYC 


"I had a Theta session with Cathy via Skype. I found it to be very beneficial and was more focused and motivated even after just one session. I would highly recommend Theta with Cathy and I’m really looking forward to another session."

  • Anne Griffin, Ireland


“I was blown away with the accuracy of Cathy’s NES scan results. The scan showed issues I was both aware and unaware of. Her ability to translate the results and protocol in a way that is easy to understand was very helpful. I have been dealing with hormonal issues that resulted in cystic acne. For years I’ve tried altering my diet, detoxing, taking herbs, etc. Nothing worked. After 6 weeks of NES treatments my skin cleared up and I didn’t have to take painkillers for my menstrual cycle. I was shocked. Cathy’s extensive background in nursing and nutritional counseling has been invaluable. I highly recommend her services and regular NES scans, even for individuals who want to ensure they are proactive about silent imbalances. “

  • Julie, AZ


"I have had the pleasure to have several sessions with Cathy via skype.  I noticed my energy shifted right away and old beliefs were replaced by new ones.  Over the next few weeks the transformation continued with new perspectives and possibilities unfolding in both my relationship and career.  I was able to be more transparent with my boyfriend which led to improved communication and ultimately commitment.  Many long standing blocks in my career have shifted and areas I've had huge resistance in have softened opening up many new avenues for my work to be out in the world.

I loved my sessions via Skpe as I could stay in the comfort of my home and feel contained in the process. " 

  • Gosha K, NYC


“Working with Cathy and the NES system was a wonderful experience. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. After taking the drops, I noticed changes immediately. I slept well for the first time in years. I woke up only once during the night but feel right back to sleep, and have been sleeping well ever since. My energy is also much more balanced thanks to the NES protocol.”

  • Jana Liaz, MA


“I was skeptical at first, then blown away by the accuracy of the NES scan. It described my illness in ways that I could not. The remedies are so simple to use. Within a few months, I was like a new person. I was able to go back to work after extensive sick leave and subsequently leave that job and move overseas. I wouldn’t have had the strength to do that if it were not for NES. It saved me! Cathy was so helpful, compassionate,  and understanding. Her medical background and knowledge of alternative medicine makes her the ideal health practitioner. I am forever grateful to both Cathy and NES “

  • Paula O’Neil, Ireland


“Thank you Cathy, from my heart! The miHealth machine works so well that I walked into your office with a cane and walked out smiling without needing my cane! I wish every pain doctor in New York City would use miHealth for every patient who is in pain. Amazing, I can hardly believe it myself! I am going to tell my doctors to reduce my medication. I wish I had met you years ago.”

  • G.P, NYC 


“I can’t thank you enough! Our cat, Pud continues to hold his food since starting the NES drops. His stomach seems much better. He is eating more and has become very affectionate! Thanks so much for being a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and bringing your work to our little town.”

  • Marcy McGuire, PA